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Vision and Values

'Alliance Ambition Achievement'


Our Core Values



Working together is important to us. Both our Infant Academy and Junior Academy work in partnership, and collaborating with our families and the community ensures we dream BIG and achieve our goals TOGETHER.


Having an ambition is key to providing a sense of purpose and direction for our whole school community. It leads us towards a happy and successful life in a meaningful form for every individual. We have high expectations of ourselves and of each other. Nothing is impossible!


Achieve is what we do no matter what it takes to get there! Because we have aspirational goals, we all believe we can achieve. All key stakeholders work together to ensure we provide our children with the very best start in life. Everybody achieves!


Our Vision

Our core values, alliance, ambition and achievement underpins our #WeAre vision which is a celebration of individuality and aspirations. Who #WeAre is important for every person, every team, to identify their uniqueness; to be proud of who they are, where they belong and the journey they take to achieve their goals and experience success. It is the story of New Silksworth Academy.  This vision focuses on shared goals for our school community:










Our children thrive from an exceptional curriculum offer, which ensures every pupil experiences academic success whilst enabling them to develop their personal character, ready for life after New Silksworth Academy and beyond.  







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