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Music is a universal language that embodies one of the highest forms of creativity. A high- quality music education should engage and inspire pupils to develop a love of music and their talent as musicians, and so increase their self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement. As pupils progress, they should develop a critical engagement with music, allowing them to compose, and to listen with discrimination to the best in the musical canon. (The National Curriculum 2014)


Music allows children to develop artistic, creative and performance skills and these are taught both in use of the voice and instruments, individually and in ensembles. We promote and teach the appreciation of music in all its diversity, culture and history and also learn how to use appropriate music technology.


At New Silksworth Academy we believe in educating the whole child and that children’s creativity should be nurtured and communicated. An essential element of this holistic approach to education is the teaching of music, which forms a valued and essential part of our school curriculum.

We firmly believe that all pupils can excel in music regardless of their varying academic abilities; New Silksworth Academy ensures the teaching and learning of music is an enjoyable and exciting experience for all. The musical experiences outside of the classroom enable children to make a contribution to the wider community by sharing their musical talent through performance.


Our curriculum is designed to:
o    Develop an understanding and enjoyment of Music

o    Equip children with the ability to use their voices, sing and become vocalists

o    Introduce pupils to a wide range of musical styles and composers from different periods Teach children to perform confidently in front of an audience

o    Create composers who use a range of stimuli in order to communicate ideas Provide an understanding of the musical elements

o    Show respect to instruments by using and storing them appropriately

Principles of the teaching and learning of music


All children will develop musical skills and knowledge as they move through our school and be able to:
o    Play & Perform

o    Create & Compose

o    Listen, Appraise & Rehearse Patterns (Notation)
o    Listen Understand and Appreciate a range of music

We believe that Music is important because all children need to:-
o    Be able to express their ideas and feelings with confidence

o    Learn how to work within a group and appreciate the ideas of others Learn how to respect musical ideas in a visual way

o    Be able to choose appropriate instruments and use them successfully for different purposes

o    Learn how to compare different musical styles, express their views and make informed judgements

o    Evaluate their own work and the work of others, and where necessary make changes, suggesting improvements in a constructive, supportive and respectful way


Throughout the school units of work are followed which ensures continuity and progression between the year groups. These half termly units of work address the fundamental skills set out in the National Curriculum. The Music Subject Leader monitors these units.
Every class spends between 45 minutes and one hour per week on classroom music teaching. Assemblies are also used as a tool to further support the Music curriculum by providing opportunities to perform to an audience and sing together promoting teamwork and listening skills.


To promote the importance of rehearsal, performance and team work and to enrich the curriculum for pupils at New Silksworth Academy, school choir takes place for 30 minutes a week thus impacting on pupil outcomes.


The predominant mode of working in Music is co-operative group work, although individual and whole class teaching is also used where appropriate. Within the music lessons themselves equal opportunity is given for all pupils to experience a full range of musical activities. Within this structure; Groups are usually mixed ability and relevant discussion is always encouraged. Pupils with special educational needs or disabilities are given suitable support in the form of differentiated work or activities and additional support and encouragement where necessary.


Activities are planned in such a way to enable staff to identify those who excel in music and show flair within the subject. Classroom teachers work closely with the subject leader and music specialist, and children are added to a list of talented musicians in the school.  Whole Class Ensemble Teaching (WCET) is encouraged by use of Charanga website and tuned instruments are taught to whole classes.

Instruments are introduced at the different stages:
•    Y5 and Y6 Ukuleles
•    Y1- Y4 Glockenspiel.  

The final performances for these units are showcased at the Singing Assemblies, giving children of all abilities a chance to perform.

In New Silksworth Academy Musical achievements are celebrated through performance to a variety of audiences, pupils are invited to perform as part of Singing Assemblies and “#WeAre Assemblies,” school choir performances and drama productions. Parents are encouraged to attend musical performances where applicable.

These activities provide valuable opportunities to create links with the local community, parents and also to liaise with other schools. These opportunities vary each year and reinforce to the children that music should be shared and seen as an exciting way of communicating and expressing feelings.


Within our school we provide opportunities to learn musical instruments, the lessons offered are: Guitar, Keyboard, Drums and Woodwind.

We work closely with the Sunderland Music Hub and Sing UP!, fulfilling our requirements to deliver WCET to a growing number of children and providing a range of opportunities to perform in venues such as the Empire, the Sage and in school as events such as the Tall Ships which are live streamed into our in house performances.  We complete an annual data return to the Music Hub providing information about our provision in both curriculum and after school clubs.


We use a wide range of resources to supplement and enhance our music curriculum such as: recorded Music, including musical examples and extracts which run alongside our tailored music curriculum, tuned and un-tuned instruments, sheet music, Sing UP!, Big Sing Materials, Workshops by Sharon Durrant (SingUP!), Workshops and training by the Sunderland Music Hub, CHARANGA, Out of the Ark and Learn 2 Soar. 


Music units are identified on NSA’s Long Term Curriculum Map. Detailed Medium term plans are kept in each year group and are written by the class teacher and address the key question for that unit. Progression and challenge are ensured through the use of curriculum read maps. 
New Silksworth Academy’s KPIs, which have been written to meet the need of our school and ensure National Curriculum Coverage. Whole lessons are outlined and adapted for the individual needs of the class. Lessons are assessed and annotated to inform future planning.


Assessment opportunities are part of each unit studied and teachers keep written and recorded evaluations of children’s achievements against NSA’s Key Performance Indicators (KPI) within the Year groups Programmes Of Study (POS). This assessment tool enable teachers to identify whether children are at, exceeding or are working towards age related expectations. Parents are informed of their child’s progress through the annual written reports.