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Art, Craft and Design

#WeAre Artists @NSA_Arts

Art, Craft and Design Curriculum Documents


In EYFS #WeAre...

Across early years, art and design is grouped around 7 areas of exploration;

How can we explore materials and marks? How can we explore colour? How can we build worlds? What can we see?
 How can we explore 3D materials? How can we use our bodies to make art? How can we use our imagination? 


How can we use shape, line, and colour to make collages inspired by fauna and flora?

Explore how artists make art inspired by flora and fauna and make collages of mini beasts.

Focus Artists: Eric Carle, Joseph Redoute, and Jan Van Kessel.


How can we become open, curious, explorers of the world, and use what we find to inspire us to make art?

Introducing the idea that artists can be collectors and explorers as they develop drawing and composition skills.

How can we bring our own experience to the things we draw?

How can we create narrative by connecting objects or animals/habitats?

Using a simple mono print technique to develop drawing skills, encourage experimentation and ownership.

Focus Artists: Xgaoc'o X'are, Leonardo Di Vinci


How can we use gestural drawings with charcoal to make drawings full of energy and drama?

Making loose gestural drawings with charcoal, and exploring drama and performance.

#WeAre Ambitious     #WeAre Inspiring

#WeAre Celebrating Achievement

New Silksworth Academy is also where our Arts Award adventure begins...


Arts Award Discover is the start of the Arts Award adventure. It takes children and young people on an artistic journey as they explore the arts all around them, investigate different art forms, research an artist, and then share their discoveries with others. As well as developing their knowledge and understanding of the arts, Arts Award Discover boosts children's creativity, curiosity, confidence and communication skills.

#WeAre Collaborative

#We form partnerships with arts and cultural organisations to deepen opportunities available to staff, and children and young people. Workshops with cultural organisations or practitioners provide opportunities for staff learning

#We ensure that pupils have the opportunity to work with professional artists and arts organisations.