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#WeAre New Silksworth Academy


New Silksworth Academy was formed in September 2016, when New Silksworth Infant Academy and New Silksworth Junior Academy began working together in partnership.  We are a large site, with each academy having its own large space at different ends of the school but both sharing the same values, vision, key personnel and governing body.  Both schools together serve over 400 pupils from 2-11 years old.


Our core values, alliance, ambition and achievement underpins our #WeAre vision which is a celebration of individuality and aspirations. Who #WeAre is important for every person, every team, to identify their uniqueness; to be proud of who they are, where they belong and the journey they take to achieve their goals and experience success. It is the story of New Silksworth Academy.  This vision focuses on shared goals for our school community:










Our children thrive from an exceptional curriculum offer, which ensures every pupil experiences academic success whilst enabling them to develop their personal character, ready for life once they leave New Silksworth Academy, and beyond.  



At New Silksworth Academy, we ensure that every child is happy, safe and is able to learn successfully in a supportive, vibrant environment. Staff are exceptionally skilled and go beyond to support our children to become confident learners, no matter what their background is. We are an inclusive school, promoting equal opportunities for all children, taking pride in securing a provision to meet the needs of all learners.


We are a learning organisation, not only for our pupils, but also for every member of staff. It is only appropriate within a school setting that staff should model the importance we place upon learning and so our staff receive highly effective professional development and are committed to the continued development of their skills and knowledge. Excellent teaching is at the heart of our approach and we work in partnership within the Extol Trust where each school can celebrate and recognise each other’s strengths and learn with, and from, each other.