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Early Years

#WeAre Growing

The Early Years Foundation Stage in New Silksworth Academy is where our love for learning begins.

Early Years Documentation


Where we grow...

At New Silksworth Academy, we have an Early Learners provision for 2 year olds, a large open plan Nursery provision for 3-4 year olds, and 3 Reception classrooms.

Our learning environments...

We aim to create environments that encourage the children to be curious and be motivated to learn. In Early Learners and Nursery leaders and staff have intentionally and purposefully designed our learning environment to act as a ‘third teacher’. When creating our provision, we have tried to create a sustainable environment, using natural and real-life materials, which provoke exploration. In Reception children also have access to natural and real-life materials and transition during the year into a more structured classroom learning environment. 


Resources in Early Years are chosen to be more open-ended and pupils should be able to access them when needed. In doing this, pupils are able to learn alongside peers of different abilities. Staff are able to support them to develop by first identifying their starting points and then scaffolding the next steps in their learning, making experiences very personalised. Pupils are also able to revisit learning regularly and master the key knowledge and skills they need to meet the Early Learning Goals and be ready for Key Stage 1.


How we grow...

#WeAre Language Rich

Communication and Language, vocabulary and reading underpin all areas of the curriculum. Children experience a wide range of stories, rhymes and songs to help them develop their vocabulary and language is constantly modelled to children.


When children are ready (completion of foundation for phonics) they begin phase 2 phonics and are given a book matched to ability to take home. School have chosen to follow the Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised validated programme. Each lesson follows a cycle of review, teach, practice, apply allows children to do just that developing long term memory and visual clues for vocabulary. As the pupils progress within the phases children will move onto written application of sounds, extending into words and sentences.  Pupils are then provided with numerous opportunities throughout the day, within the continuous provision to apply their skills in contexts relevant to them.  This has been really successful in motivating pupils to write and increasing writing opportunities across the curriculum.

Children are then given home reading books carefully matched to their phonic ability; this allows children to apply their learned phonics sounds. In addition to daily phonics, staff also follow the Little Wandle reading model, which means books read home are also practiced in school as part of reading sessions with 3 discrete foci;

  1. Decoding
  2. Prosody
  3. Comprehension

This is continued within into year 1 supporting continuity. To ensure that parents are supported with the introduction of phonics, upon entry to our foundation stage parents are provided with materials and workshops are run to stress the importance of basic skills. 

How 'subjects' begin in EYFS...

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework is structured very differently to the national curriculum as it is organised across seven areas of learning rather than subject areas. The aim of this document is to highlight how the skills developed across EYFS are prerequisite skills for subjects within the national curriculum. It outlines the most relevant statements taken from the Early Learning Goals in the EYFS statutory framework, Birth to Five Matters document and the Development Matters age ranges for; Birth to Three Year Olds, Three and Four Year Olds and Reception to match the national curriculum programmes of study.


#WeAre Collaborative

Supporting documents for parents..

Transition to New Silksworth Academy


Prior to starting at New Silksworth Academy, staff will contact you. This valuable opportunity allows us to learn about our new pupils. Staff will get to know the children and any individual requirements.

Transition into school will then be staggered to ensure children are happy and settled and ready to begin their journey in Early Years.

Guidance for parents – how can you help prepare your child for early years?
– Talk to your child about starting early years and about how it is an exciting experience, something he or she will enjoy.
– Encourage your child to play with other children and share toys with them.
– Children should be able to attempt to put on items of clothing such as coats and shoes and be able to ask for support if needed
– Encourage him or her to tidy up after him/herself.
– Encourage your child to talk clearly about everyday experiences
– Look at books together, talking about the stories and pictures.
– Give your child opportunities for drawing his or her own pictures and if you do teach your child to write his or her own name, please do not use all capital letters.
– Involve your child in counting and sorting everyday things.
– Allow your child to practise cutting out using small scissors with rounded ends.
– Encourage your child to use basic cutlery and drink from a cup
– Where possible, children should walk to nursery and not be reliant upon pushchairs



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Interested in finding out more?

If you would like to find out more about our curriculum. Please contact the school office and we will ask a member of staff to get back in touch to answer any questions.