Welcome To Our Nursery (Click to view our nursery tour video)

Our Nursery provision is for 3 & 4 year olds, and our huge indoor and outdoor space means we can offer 78 places throughout the year.   We provide engaging and exciting activities throughout our nursery, including both indoor and outdoor provision in order to capture the interests of all. We operate a free flow system, meaning children can choose to be indoors or outdoors for their learning, helping them to become independent and confident learners. Throughout the year, we will be working towards a range of different skills, through play and engagement in activities, in order to fully equip children to thrive in nursery and beyond!

In Nursery, we focus on the prime areas of learning and move onto the specific areas of learning. By the time children leave nursery, we aim towards the following skills, which you can see by clicking the link below:

Nursery - Prime Areas of Learning.pdf

Transition to Nursery

We know that starting school/nursery is a huge step, and we work closely with our children and families to ensure children have the happiest start possible to their nursery and school life.

In the weeks leading up to your child starting nursery, we will be in touch to arrange visits to our setting so that children and families will have the opportunity to meet our staff, other nursery children and see all the exciting activities happening in Nursery! Parents will be invited to a new starters meeting towards the end of the Summer Term. Please make arrangements to stay with your child in nursery until they are confident to come alone. This can be arranged between parents/carers and nursery staff after visiting.

Preparing for Nursery

Staff understand that all children are different and are very sensitive to individual needs. In order to best prepare children for school, some useful skills to practise are:

This guide below helps parents know what to expect when in terms of their child’s development.

Foundation Years - Children & Parents Guide

At New Silksworth Academy Nursery, we are pleased to offer 30-hours free childcare (check your eligibility HERE), subject to availability.

Information for Parents about 30 hours free childcare click HERE

For information on session times and admission arrangements please click HERE.

Take a look at the fantastic learning that takes place in our Nursery!