2 Year Old Provision

We are delighted to offer early learning experiences for children from the age of 2. Children can benefit from our 2 year old provision from age 2-3, and enjoy fun, engaging, sensory activities, relevant for their age and stage and designed to promote skills such as communication, physical development and personal, social and emotional development. At New Silksworth Academy, we believe it is vital for parents and staff to work together to provide the best outcomes for children. For this reason, we aim to involve parents as much as possible in their children’s learning, through regular communication and activities involving parents alongside their children.

Throughout the year, we will be working towards a range of different skills, through play and engagement in activities, in order to fully equip children to thrive in nursery and beyond!




In 2-Year Old provision, we focus of the Prime Areas of Learning, which you can see be clicking on the link below:

2 Year Olds - Prime Areas of Learning.pdf

For information on session times and admission arrangements please visit our Early Years Admissions page.