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R.E in New Silksworth Academy is taught as required, in agreement with the Sunderland Agreed Syllabus, which is reviewed by the Local Authority every five years. R.E has a vital role to play in combating prejudice, challenge stereotyping and encouraging respect. It plays a positive role in celebrating and understanding cultural and religious diversity across the world.


It is impossible fully to understand the world without understanding worldviews – both religious and non-religious.  In an increasingly diverse society, developing this understanding has never been more important. 
We have an inclusive vision for the subject, fully embracing the diversity and richness in our local, national and global communities.  Through developing understanding and challenging stereotypes, our RE curriculum enables children to develop greater respect and empathy for others so our children will live and work well with people with differing beliefs.


Studying religious and non-religious worldviews also gives young people the opportunity to develop the knowledge, understanding and motivation they need to engage with important aspects of human experience including the religious, spiritual, cultural and moral.
Our RE curriculum develops children’s knowledge and understanding, their skills of enquiry and reasoning and the importance of reflection.
Children study different religions in depth to develop their knowledge and understanding of faith groups including visits to key places of worship.