School council

School council are chosen in the autumn term, consisting of one pupil from each class from Year 1 to 6. They meet regularly to discuss individual, class or whole school matters.

This year they have been involved in numerous projects: improving the school behaviour policy; deciding how to allocate money raised at the school fair; making changes to the Shine assembly; influencing changes to school meals and increasing the amount of equipment on the playground at lunch time.

They have worked with many members of staff and other pupil groups in order to enhance the learning environment.

We asked some questions to our school councillors:

Why is a school council important?

"I think a school council is important because it makes us feel proud. We have changed how lunches are organised to make it better for everyone." 

Layla (Year 5) and Maddison (Year 4)

"I think a school council is important as everyone gets to speak." 

Daisy (Year 3)

"I think school council is important because pupils get to represent their class or the school." 

Joseph (Year 3)

"I think school council is important because we get to hear everyone’s ideas, we also get to meet and work with people from different year groups."

Ellie (Year 4)

Why have you enjoyed being on school council?

"I have enjoyed it because everyone is happier when we change things." 

Layla (Year 5)

"I like being able to change things to make our school even better." 

Daisy (Year 3)

"I enjoy being a school councillor as I can tell all my friends in my class what we have been talking about."

Joseph (Year 3)

What are you most proud of achieving in school council this year?

"The thing I am most proud of is helping our school get some ideas from children about how to make it a better place." 

Ellie (Year 4)

"The thing I am most proud of is where I can tell everyone what has happened in meetings, for example when the dinners change and we got more equipment on the yard." 

Joseph (Year 3)

"The thing I’m really proud of is choosing more equipment for the yard at lunch times. Now everyone is happy because there is something for everyone to play with." 

Daisy (Year 3) 

"The thing I am most proud of is that we have changed Shine assembly so it is now much fairer. I liked changing the order of dinner and seeing the smiles on people’s faces."

Layla (Year 5) and Maddison (Year 4)