Art Gallery

Here you will find a selection of children's fantastic artwork

I am lucky to work with many talented and creative children at New Silksworth Academy and lockdown has enabled many of you to explore and find your inner artist. You have sent me so many wonderful photographs of artwork that you have created... but what is art if it isn't shared? So, welcome to the first New Silksworth Gallery! Here you can add a photograph of your wonderful art work for everyone at New Silksworth Academy to see. It can be a drawing, painting, photograph or sculpture etc. Remember to always give your artwork a title and if you see a piece of art that you like you can also like it by clicking the heart to let the artist know. I look forward to seeing your Gallery grow. Please Note: Posts will be sent for approval before appearing in the gallery. Thank you - Mrs Merrie

You can view Mrs Merrie's online gallery here: