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Links to Department for Education guidance

January 2021

Critical worker guidance:

December 2020

Change to guidance for non-household contacts of people with covid-19

Following an update to the guidance yesterday, I would like to draw your attention to the change in the definition of a close contact within two metres. This contact definition will now be managed as a one-off contact or a cumulative contact (added up over one day) of more than 15 minutes during the infectious period. Up until now, this has been managed as a one-off contact and so it may be necessary to review your control measures and risk assessments. Whilst it is understandable that it will be challenging to minimise the impact of this change from a pupil perspective, it does further strengthen the importance of staff maintaining social distance from each other to minimise the number of contacts which may result from a positive case in school. The full guidance can be found here and the updated list of close contacts is below.

A contact can be:

November 2020

The DfE has published new guidance for parents and carers, setting out what they need to know about early years providers, schools and colleges in the autumn term. This document is an official and useful basis upon which trusts and schools can build communications and answer key questions. Some of the detail here is an essential source for website and communication Q & A for parents during this new lockdown period.

It covers:

- Attendance issues

- Where pupils should isolate

- Shielding

- Face coverings

- Transport

- Curriculum

- Exams

- Ofsted

and more.

The guidance also sets out for parents and carers what actions they should take in the event a child or family member tests positive for or shows symptoms of COVID19.

The full document can be accessed here:

September 2020

What parents need to know about early years providers, schools and colleges during COVID19 outbreak. Follow this link: