Summer Spectacular Update

July 10th 2019

The Parent Engagement Group, staff and pupils have worked very hard to organise our Summer Spectacular that is due to take place on Friday afternoon (12th July). This message is just to let you know that even with the threat of bad weather the Spectacular will still go ahead albeit with a contingency plan. If raining on the day, we plan to host the stalls across both KS1 and KS2 halls. If it's dry and the field is still wet the stalls will be on the KS2 yard. The children have worked very hard on their dances and in the event of rain we will record the children performing and show them on the big screen in the KS2 hall. If the field is wet but the yard is dry the dances will be performed on the KS2 yard so in this eventuality can parents please stand around the edge of the yard to give children space to perform.

Thank you.