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Year 3 and 4 Topic tasks for The Romans

Year 3 and 4 What did the Romans leave behind TOPIC

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The Romans

For the Summer Term, we are diving into the world of the Ancient Romans and what they left behind after invading Britain that has influenced our lives today! Here are a range of ideas and website links to help you find some great information while staying safe at home. Good luck, adventurers!


In English, we are looking at a range of Roman myths to learn more about these fascinating people and where they believed they originated. Lots of the myths include the crazy shenanigans of the Roman Gods and heroes and this is a great place to start our learning. The Romans worshipped hundreds of gods before Christianity became a religion, and they had gods that looked after very specific things. Can you find one that is your favourite? My favourite is Minerva, the goddess of wisdom and learning!

Colosseum In Rome Free Stock Photo - Public Domain PicturesStatue of Goddess Minerva | Roman sculpture, Goddess art, Minerva ...

You could try:

Websites: - Daily lessons in a range of subjects - A range of Roman myths and legends – Amazon Audible have a great selection of classics for free at the moment! - All about myths and legends - More about myths and legends - Daily home learning packs for free (they include a set of notes to help parents and carers, a PowerPoint with audio to take you through learning and some lovely activities!) - Bug Club - A range of English skills and videos - English based games covering a range of areas and skills – Spelling activities - A wide range of resources – Reading activities


In Maths this half term, we’re heading back to Shape, symmetry and position and direction. Lots of you absolutely love this topic, so let’s dive in!

You could try:

Websites: - Daily lessons in a range of subjects - A guide for parents and carers around home learning full of lots of helpful hints and ideas – A range of Maths based activities – Practise your times tables and become a rock star! Activities covering a range of Maths topics – An online learning platform to support home learning - Maths (and English) Games for Years 1, 2 and 3 - A range of Maths skills and videos - A range of Maths games covering lots of topics - A range of Maths games covering a range of topics


Our Science topic explores how plants grow and what they need to stay healthy – this links with our last topic as that looked at what animals need to stay healthy. Do you think there will be any similarities?

You could try:

Websites: - Information on a large range of Science topics - A range of Science topics and videos - Science experiments and games to try at home - Games and information on a range of topics - Find out about a wide range of Science subjects


Our History topics is all about taking a closer look at what the Romans left behind in Britain. They were extremely influential and many things they used and created are still around in some form today!

You could try:

Websites A collection of facts all about the Romans (yes, I know it says Henry VIII – not really sure why!) An overview of who the Romans were and where they came from - A great list of ideas for a range of subjects, based on the Romans - More information on the gods - The Legend of Romulus and Remus - A guide to Boudica - A guide to the Roman gods (with lots of links to other aspects of Roman Life at the bottom!) - all about the Romans Information about the Romans in Britian

Art and DT:

Please check our curriculum page for more information about what we will be learning