Class 9

Writing during school closure:

Class 9 had been making amazing progress in writing before school closed. This is a great daily resource to keep them writing. It is not a teaching method they are used to but my children have quickly picked up what it is all about. I would love to see any writing shared on twitter @elizabetharkle

You could also encourage your children to keep a diary or scrap book, take photos and videos to keep, save newspaper cuttings. They are living through a historical event that their children and grandchildren will learn about in school. I would love to share some of these when we all get back together.

Food and Confectionary

Our topic this half term revolves all around food! From delicious, ‘meltilicious’ chocolate, to baking and packaging our own healthy biscuits; we’re taking the kitchens by storm.


In English, our book this half term is ‘The Great Chocoplot’ by Chris Callaghan, where we join Jelly on her quest to discover just what is going to happen during the Chocopocalypse.

Book Trailer:

Listen to the author talking about his novel here:

You could try:

Writing an alternative ending to the story

Design your own chocolate bar to sell before the Chocopocalypse takes place

Write your own recipe for a chocolatey treat (and test it out with a grown-up’s permission!)

Imagine yourself as a character from the book and write a diary entry about your day

Imagine you are a member of the Chocolati Tribe – how did you find out about the Chocopocalypse?

Websites: - the author of our novel - Bug Club - A range of English skills and videos - English based games covering a range of areas and skills – Spelling activities - A wide range of resources – Reading activities - Reading, and grammar activities


Maths is all about fractions, decimals and telling the time in Year 4 this half term. We’ve incorporated our food theme here by thinking about how to equally share out tasty treats and just how much time a cooking creation would take to bake.

You could try:

Using paper plates (or just paper) to make your own analogue clock, add the 24 hour clock to it

Compare the times on an analogue and digital clock in your home

Use your TV Guide to work out when your favourite programmes start and end, and then how long they are running for

Time how long it takes you to get dressed and convert this to seconds/minutes

Websites: – A range of Maths based activities – Practise your times tables and become a rock star! - Activities covering a range of Maths topics – An online learning platform to support home learning - Maths (and English) Games for Years 1, 2 and 3 - A range of Maths skills and videos - A range of Maths games covering lots of topics


Our Science topic explores how to keep ourselves healthy, what nutrients we need to keep our bodies going strong and how our skeleton and muscles work together to keep us moving and active.

You could try:

Designing your own menu, including healthy and nutritious food for all parts of the day

Use junk modelling materials to make your own skeleton! Can you label the bones?

Create an information text about the types of skeletons, including examples!

Create your own exercise routine to think about how to work on specific muscles

Websites: - Information on a large range of Science topics - A range of Science topics and videos - Science experiments and games to try at home

Help during school closures:

While you are trying to help your child learn at home, I having been thinking of different ways I could help. I have set up a You Tube channel full of resources to help you and your children I will keep adding things I think could be useful.

Year 4:

These have just been released and would be excellent practise for Year 4. It re-caps what we were learning in class just before the closure.

Please check our curriculum page for more information about what we will be learning