Class 15

NEW SUMMER TERM WORK (click PDF to download)

Summer term 2020 ideas for website Y6 final version.pdf

Crime and Punishment

Our theme this term focuses on how crime and punishment has evolved throughout the years; from the Roman Empire to modern day crime scene investigation.

You could try:

Create a wanted poster for a criminal of your choice (they can be real or fictional)

Make a model of the Highwayman’s hat

Create an information poster about Alcatraz

Write an acrostic poem for crime and punishment

Make a model police car

Write a police report for a crime

Write a newspaper article about the Highwayman

Imagine you are in charge of the country. Write a set of laws and the punishments for breaking them

Design and label a new Police uniform

Write a narrative about the Highwayman

Write a biography about Sir Robert Peel and the creation of the Police force

Research and create a set of Top Trumps cards about different crimes. You will need to include: crime, length of punishment, severity of punishment and pictures

Create a model of your favourite form of punishment

Write a letter from the Tower of London to King Henry VIII to appeal your punishment of death from the perspective of Anne Boleyn

Research and present information about how people are punished now. Do you agree with them all

Be creative and choose an activity of your own related to crime and punishment

If you can, take a picture and post it on our Twitter page @NewSilksAcademy so we can see your fantastic projects #WeAreCreative


In English, the book we are studying this half term is ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar, which tells the story of Stanley Yelnats; a boy who is wrongfully sent to Camp Green Lake. At the camp, the warden and her staff force the children in their care to mysteriously dig holes all day long in the desert. Their rehabilitation is questioned, as they think something sinister is involved.

You could try:

Writing a letter in role as Stanley to his Mom about his first experiences at Camp Green Lake.

Imagine yourself as a character from the book and write a diary entry about your day.

Write a narrative which focuses on X-Ray’s day off.

Create a poster about the yellow-spotted lizard- labelling its features and writing a description.

Create a map of Camp Green Lake.

Write a narrative about the Warden.

Design a persuasive advertisement for “Sploosh”

Write the sequel

Write a review of the film

Useful websites for English:

Http:// (A website about Louis Sachar- the author of ‘Holes’)

Https:// (An online chapter-by-chapter summary of ‘Holes’)

Https:// (link to YouTube for the full movie)

Https:// (A great resource for spelling rules and patterns)

Https:// (A range of activities to practise spellings on the Year 5/6 spelling list)

Https:// (A range of reading books and SpaG games)

Https:// (A great revision website of key skills in English)

Https:// (A useful website including a variety of English games)

Https:// (World Book online have made over 3,000 ebooks and audiobooks free)

Https:// (A range of spelling activities)

Https:// (A variety of reading activities)


In Maths we have been revising the Maths curriculum, including number and place value, four operations, algebra, geometry, statistics and fractions, decimals and percentages.

Useful websites for Maths:

* (NEW) Fantastic online resource with daily online videos for home learning challenges linked to different areas of the Maths curriculum

Https:// (A brilliant website to practise times tables)

Https:// (A fantastic game for practising times tables, division facts and number bonds)

Https:// (A great website filled with different Maths games)

Https:// (A variety of Maths activities)

Https:// (A great website for Maths games)

Https:// (An interactive website for practising the four operations in the style of the game of Countdown)

Https:// (A great revision website of key skills in Maths)

Http:// (Maths games for KS2)

Http:// (Online competitions, exercises and Maths games)

Https:// (A website filled with problem solving challenges)


In Science, our theme is Evolution and Adaptation, focussing in particular on the work of Mary Anning and Charles Darwin.

You could try:

Creating your own creature, describing how it has adapted to its surroundings

Write the biography of Mary Anning

Research the investigation of Darwin’s finches- you could try the experiment yourself with different “beaks” using pegs, cocktail sticks, forks and tweezers: and “feed” using peanuts, marshmallows, seeds and pasta.

Please check our curriculum page for more information about what we will be learning