Class 12

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Are you ready to dive into the mystical world of Ancient Greece?


Our English this term, looks at Ancient Greek myths and the role of the gods in Ancient Greek society.

You can find out about Ancient Greek mythology here:

You could try:

Try writing your own Myth. You could set it in Ancient Greek times or, you could transport your Greek god to the present.

You will need:

Have a go at writing your own Greek myth!

You could write it as a narrative, a comic strip or even take on the role of the god yourself!

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Practise your times tables and become a rock star! Keep it up you were doing so well last

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Our topic this half term is how do materials change?


Other Science links:

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This term our topic is Ancient Greece- what have we learned from their society?


You could try:

Do some research around the Greeks.

What do you find most interesting about their period in history?

You could include information such as:

An Ancient Greek timeline

Who were the Greeks?

Ancient Greek entertainment

The Greek army

Ancient Greek Architecture (The Parthenon)

Greek battles ( the life of Spartan soldiers)

Art and DT:

You could try:

Researching Greek architecture

Which materials did they use to build their temples?

Research variations in Greek temples (columns)

Design your own Ancient Greek temple

Build your own temple out of resources found around the house!


Please check our curriculum page for more information about what we will be learning