Class 11

Topic: Angels

Novel: Skellig

Author: David Almond


In Year 5 we are currently centring our learning on the novel Skellig by David Almond, where we follow Michael through his adventure to discover the mystery behind the strange creature living in his garage.

You could try:

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Write an alternative ending to the story

Write a letter from Michael’s point of view 1 year later to update him on all the things that have happened

Imagine that you are Skellig and write a diary entry of your day

Come up with an opening chapter to a sequel

Some helpful websites: - About the author - Bug Club - A range of English skills and videos - English based games covering a range of areas and skills – Spelling activities - A wide range of resources – Reading activities


In maths this half- term we have been learning about percentages, geometry: position and direction and statistics.

Some helpful websites: – A range of Maths based activities – Practise your times tables and become a rock star! - Activities covering a range of Maths topics – An online learning platform to support home learning - Maths (and English) Games for Years 1, 2 and 3 - A range of Maths skills and videos - A range of Maths games covering lots of topic


In science we have been learning about human development, reproduction and puberty.

You may want to ask your grown-ups to talk to you about some of the changes that will happen to your body over the next few years. - Information on a large range of Science topics - A range of Science topics and videos - Science experiments and games to try at home - Games and information on a range of topics - Find out about a wide range of Science subjects

Other things you can try: - a range of educational songs and dances - why not try a bit of yoga? - some fun dances to keep your family active

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Please check our curriculum page for more information about what we will be learning