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Year 3 and 4 Topic tasks for The Romans

Year 3 and 4 What did the Romans leave behind TOPIC

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Class 10 Summer 1

But Were the Romans Really Rotten?

Over the Summer Term, we are going to investigate The Romans. Who were they? Why did they come to Britain? What did they leave behind after invading Britain? Here are some ideas to help you do this while staying safe at home. Remember to be a great historical detective we will need to make careful observations about this ancient civilization.

I have added lots of links to this page but also added many more to a Roman playlist on my own YouTube channel. I’ll add more useful links as I come across them.


Our English this term, looks at Roman Myths and Legends. To help us understand them, we will first look at the Gods the Romans worshipped. Before Christianity became the religion of the Rome, they honored hundreds of gods.

Find out about Roman gods here:

You could try:

Try writing your own Myth. You could set it in Roman times or, you could transport your Roman god to the present.

You will need:

Have fun with it; you could write it as a narrative, a comic strip, create a stop animation of your Myth using Lego or similar, write your myth as a newspaper report or even a poster advertising for a hero to come and take on the mischievous god. Get Creative!

Other links to help with writing Myths and Legends: - a selection of Greek Myths you can listen to.

Stuck for a start to your story?

Other useful English links: - Daily lessons in a range of subjects Hamilton Learning are producing daily home learning packs free. They include a set of notes to help parents and carers, a PowerPoint with audio to take you through learning and some lovely activities. - Bug Club – Reading activities - This is a great daily radio show with lots of activities to join in with all based around English. They have had some great authors on too. Remember to look at the great spelling and reading resources on Nessy


Can you remember your Roman Numerals? With the weather hopefully getting better, have a go at making a sundial but use Roman Numerals on the face.


Third Space Learning is a great Maths resource. They have produced a guide for parents and carers around home learning full of lots of helpful hints and ideas.

White Rose Maths are continuing to produce great Maths home learning resources with a daily lesson and activity. They are even providing answers to save parents and carers a bit of time.

Practise your times tables and become a rock star! Keep it up you were doing so well last term.

A range of Maths games covering lots of topics -


Our topic this half term is Plants. How they grow and what they need to stay healthy. In our last topic we looked at what animals need. Do you think we need the same things?

Other Science links:

STEM Learning have produced some great free home learning ideas for those of you who love science. - Information on a large range of Science topics - A range of Science topics and videos - Science experiments and games to try at home - Games and information on a range of topics - Find out about a wide range of Science subjects


Our topic for the summer term is the Romans. Were they really as rotten as Horrible Histories would have you believe? The Romans left many things behind in Britain and some of their ideas can still be seen today.

You could try:

Do some research around the Romans.

What do you find most interesting about their period in history?

Present what you learn in any way you like – get creative! We used some old wrapping paper in our house and created our own posters about rivers.

You could include information such as:

A Roman timeline

Who were the Romans?

The Roman invasion of Britain

Roman entertainment - Who were the Gladiators?

The Roman Army

Hadrian’s Wall

Roman buildings and engineering

Who were the Gladiators?

Roman Towns

There are a number of great documentaries online, they are each around an hour long so don’t feel you need to watch them all pick one which interests you the most.

The Roman Cavalry – we hear a lot about Legions of Roman soldiers but who were the Roman Cavalry and why were they important?

The first 13 minutes of this clip show archaeological excavations at Vindolanda, a Roman fort on Harridan’s Wall.

There are also some old episodes of TimeTeam on YouTube which are great for budding archeologists:

Time Team excavate a Roman Villa.

Time Team discover Boudica.

You could try:

Write a letter in role as a Roman Soldier posted to Northumberland. What would you tell your family back home in warm, sunny Rome?

Design a poster to recruit Roman Soldiers – what qualities did they need?

Write a ‘how to’ guide to be a gladiator, slave, solider or Roman Emperor

Design a comic to tell the story of a young Roman as he goes through his army training – what mishaps could you include?

Research Boudica and write a wanted poster for her as though you were a Roman Emperor

Other websites: An overview of who the Romans were and where they came from - A great list of ideas for a range of subjects, based on the Romans - More information on the gods - The Legend of Romulus and Remus - A guide to Boudica - A guide to the Roman gods (with lots of links to other aspects of Roman Life at the bottom!)

Art and DT ideas:

Design and make your own Roman shield

Use collage to make a marvellous mosaic

Junk model a Roman Villa

Make a model of the colosseum using cardboard

Text Box: Or you could try making it out of lego!!

Make a Brooch

Remember I love to see all the fantastic things you are doing at home please share with the school on Twitter if you can @NewSilksAcademy @elizabeth_arkle

Stay safe, have fun and keep smiling,

Mrs Arkle

Please check our curriculum page for more information about what we will be learning

Please check our curriculum page for more information about what we will be learning